Meet Tone

I’ve been fascinated by altered states of consciousness and the power of sound since the early 1970s so it was no real surprise that the Gongs finally found me at a time when I was open to their magic.


Intrigued by the sonic and personal pathways that opened, I formalised my love of the Gongs by completing extensive training with Sheila Whittacker and Don Conreaux, two of the worlds foremost Gong Masters. I am a full member of the College of Sound Healing, am fully insured as a Sound Healer and have an enhanced DBS certificate.


Each Gong Sound Journey is its own unique creation, its own work of art. Each is a magical journey that could take you to dream-world, deep meditation or beyond. No two are, or could be, the same. There is no set pattern to the sounds and although there will be similarities, the complex sound matrix is likely to move you in different ways on each occasion.


I like to think of each Gong Sound Journey as creating, and being, its own sacred space, a sacred space created by the Gongs, the setting and those within it. The energy created in that space will move and flow and the sounds created through me will do the same. The Gongs I use on my sound journeys are all beautiful hand made works of art. They all have their own characteristics, energy and power.


All represent a different element: Earth, Water, Fire and Air with Spirit being the combination of them all. The sounds created by them are able to reach and move the ever changing elemental core of your being. When you’re ready, come and experience a Blue Feather Spirit Gong Sound Journey and see for yourself. Be part of a unique, ever shifting work of art. I offer group and individual Gong Sound Journeys throughout the UK and beyond.


Once you’ve been, you’ll return.

It’s a sweet compulsion.

With love and Blue Feathers,