Gong Sound Journeys


What is a Gong Sound Journey?

A Gong Sound Journey is an experience like no other. It’s a unique time for you to balance Mind Body and Spirit. Let the amazingly complex sounds of the gongs transport you into a realm where relaxation, dream world, self healing and meditation are all possible. It’s a time and space to journey to the core of your being. When the mind is silent, the universe surrenders.



It’s likely that the sounds produced by the Blue Feather Spirit Gongs are like nothing else you will have ever heard. When gently struck, the Gongs produce multi-layered tones which blossom rather than fall off quickly like most instruments. The tones mingle and create a myriad of magical sounds. The beauty of these sounds is not just in the hearing of them. The effect they have upon the brain is simply quite magical. Gong Sound Journeys can be enjoyed in many ways.


Relaxation and meditation are perhaps the most common. The sounds produced by the Gongs often slow the ‘monkey chatter’ most of us have going on in our heads most of the time and calm our ever present fight or flight response. This allows for deep relaxation and as our bodies relax, our brain waves slow to those we experience in sleep or deeper.


Meet Tone

​I’ve been fascinated by altered states of consciousness and the power of sound since the early 1970s so it was no real surprise that the Gongs finally found me at a time when I was open to their magic.


Intrigued by the sonic and personal pathways that opened, I formalised my love of the Gongs by completing extensive training with Sheila Whittacker and Don Conreaux, two of the worlds foremost Gong Masters. I am a full member of the College of Sound Healing, am fully insured as a Sound Healer and have an enhanced DBS certificate.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I wear?

Anything that you will find comfy lying down for an hour or so. Dress for warmth and comfort.

What should I bring?

Anything that will aid your comfort. Yoga or non rustly sleeping mats, blankets, pillows, cushion, duvets etc. Eye pillows are also good. If you don’t have your own some are normally available to purchase on the day.

How long do Gong Sound Journeys last?

Most group Gong Sound Journeys last for about an hour although it might not seem like it! Time often seems to shift or change pace during a Gong Sound Journey. The beneficial effects of a Gong Sound Journey can last a lifetime.

What will happen to me during a Gong Sound Journey?

Your journey is unique to you and it will differ every time. Whilst experiencing the other- worldly sounds and frequencies of the Gongs you might enter dream -world, see colours, sink into a deep meditative state or just lie back and relax. You might even go to sleep. You might experience it physically, vibrationally, dreamily or spiritually. Some have described it as journeying to the core of their being. Whatever happens, it will be right for you on the day.

Why is the experience sometimes called a Gong Bath?

It’s because you’re bathed in sound, a complex matrix of sound.

Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me attending a Gong Sound Journey?

You are to advised to discuss any concerns with Tone prior to booking. There are a few conditions that might prevent attendance.

Can adults or children with learning differences attend Gong Sound Journeys?

Yes. I have worked extensively with both adults and children with learning differences in both individual and group settings to great effect.

Can children attend Gong Sound Journeys?

Are they able to lie still for an hour? Whilst many children will benefit from a Gong Sound Journey for those under thirteen or so a full group Gong Sound Journey might prove to be too long….it really does depend upon the child. Individual or shorter small group Gong Sound Journeys for children can be arranged.

How should I prepare for my Gong Sound Journey?

Please arrive in plenty of time before the Gong Sound Journey in order to settle yourself and relax before the beginning. Think of your intent for the journey and focus your energy inwards.

What should I do after a Gong Sound Journey?

Relax. Enjoy the effects and memories. A Gong Sound Journey can be a bit like a sonic massage so make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards and be gentle with yourself.

Can I book you for individual sessions, private events, parties or festivals?

Yes. Please contact me to discuss. Any other questions please contact: tbrazier@gmail.com

I’ve heard that Gong Sound Journeys can actually help some medical conditions.

Many people attend Gong Sound Journeys as a way of self healing and improving well-being.. This can take many forms. Some have found relief from acute conditions and pain, and for others the effect is on a more spiritual level. Many have reported Gong Sound Journeys having a positive effect on their mental health. For many, Gong Sound Journeys can be particularly calming and relaxing.



"That was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I can't believe it"

Debbie R

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